Think you are ready and have what it takes to be the best bridesmaid or maid of honor (MOH)?  It is an honor to be a bridesmaid, but it’s a lot of work. I’m sharing some bridal party advice to help you be an amazing member of your bestie’s bridal party!

Bride Tribe Ready: How to be the best bridesmaids or maid of honor (MOH), tips by Alexa Kay Events. See more wedding planning advice at!

Before the Wedding Day

From the time your friend asks you to stand by her side up until the last dance, consider yourself bridesmaid (or MOH) on duty!

Lend an ear.

Your friend is probably under a lot of stress with wedding planning. Be there to listen! Even if they seem like they’re okay, reach out every once in a while to see how everything’s going. Most likely even if they don’t need help, they will appreciate you reaching out and just listening to anything they have to say!

Start saving.

A bridesmaid’s expenses can add up quickly. If you’re not prepared or able to take on the role, be honest with yourself and the bride. It’s better to be upfront than to get yourself in a situation down the road when you can’t afford your dress, bridal shower expenses, etc.

Don’t be picky.

The bride-to-be has obviously chosen you to stand next to her for a reason. Don’t make her doubt that! The worst thing a bridesmaid can do is complain non-stop about the dress she has to wear, the events she has to attend, planning the shower and bachelorette, etc. If you have concerns about anything, address them in an appropriate manner. But whatever you do, don’t start unnecessary drama.

Help the MOH.

Although the Maid of Honor may have a different title than the rest of the bridal party, make sure to help them out too… because even though they may seem like they have it all under control, they may need it! Planning the perfect bridal shower and bachelorette party is definitely a team effort! And even if they don’t mention needing help, they’ll definitely appreciate that you asked and offered!

Bride Tribe Ready: How to be the best bridesmaids or maid of honor (MOH), tips by Alexa Kay Events. See more wedding planning advice at!

Day of the Wedding

Be calming.

While you’re getting ready, the bride is probably going through a series of emotions, as may be other members of her family. Between the hustle and bustle (literally!) of the day, be as calm as you can be for everyone. Things may not always go as planned, but by maintaining your composure you’ll be able to help ease the nerves and ensure the bride doesn’t stress, which is a HUGE help.

Be where you need to be.

Don’t make the rest of the bridal party, the wedding planner, or even worse the bride herself try to figure out where you are when you need to be taking pictures. Stay close by and be ready for whatever the timeline includes. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the day and socialize, but being where you need to be and helping where you can is essential to your bridesmaid’s duties.

Bathroom duty.

While this may just seem like this happens in movies, bathroom duty is a real thing! Be ready to step in and help your girl out.

Have fun.

Enjoy every moment of the day! Your best friend is MARRIED and that’s something to celebrate! Make sure the bride is having a great time, but also don’t be afraid to break it down on the dance floor yourself! Your energy is sure to get guests in an exciting mood (as if they aren’t already) and make them want to join in on the fun!

I hope this bridal party advice was helpful! What other tips would you include to this list?

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