As a wedding planner, I’ve not only worked with many clients, but also many vendors. It’s evident that both sides ultimate share the common goal of wanting the best wedding day ever! However, there’s some inside scoop that can be hard to take in, but is important to be aware of. That’s why I’m sharing these 10 things vendors want clients to know!

Vendors are interviewing clients as much as clients are interviewing vendors.

Every vendor is different and specializes in unique areas. So as much as clients are trying to find their perfect fit/all-star lineup of a vendor team, we are also looking to work with our ideal clients too!

Affordable and Budget have so many different meanings.

These terms have such loose definitions in the wedding world. What may be “affordable” or “inexpensive” to you may not be for someone else. Also everyone values items differently within their budget. Two people can have the same budget of $40,000, but value each item differently. Couple A may want to invest more into flowers, while couple B may want to invest more into food and entertainment. It’s important to breakdown what you’re willing to spend in each area and be open with all of your vendors!

Pinterest is deceiving. What looks simple may cost far more than you think.

Greenery is NOT a cheaper option! This is just one of many examples. This is why it’s so essential to nail down your budget so your vendors can give you options based on what you’re willing to spend and the look you’re trying to achieve. Pinterest is a great resource, but remember to allow it be what it is — inspiration!

Discounts put you on the back burner.

If you pay less than a couple paying full price, chances are there isn’t going to be that same level of energy and attention.

Guest only have 4-6 hours in them.

The worst thing you want your guests to feel after your wedding day is burnt out. Keep this timeframe in mind when planning your wedding timeline.

The best way to control cost is to control the guest list.

Photography, planning, florals, DJ, and pretty much the majority of your vendors cost what they cost. However things such as food and drinks (which can easily become a big chunk of your budget) can vary based on the number of guests. This is a good thing to keep in mind!

Let the DJ or Band pick the music if you want people to dance.

It’s great to give you DJ direction in terms of genre of music you like, however a good professional DJ will know how to read the crowd and keep the party going.

Your attitude and mindset determine the outcome.

Happiness is an inside job. Don’t let the little things like the weather get to you and ruin your day. Keep smiling and remembering what the day is truly about!

Hiring Friendors is risky. It’s not worth it.

If you think you’ll just hire a friend to save money, think again. There’s much more that goes into a wedding beneath the surface that most people don’t know about. Wedding vendors gain their reputations for a reason. For example, your friend may be great at taking photos, but unless they know the ins and outs of taking wedding photos, like where they should stand to get that perfect shot of you coming down the aisle, the lighting in the venue and how to set their camera, how to work with the wedding timeline, etc. I highly suggest going hiring a professional. Plus, ruining a friendship over something like this isn’t worth it.

There is no such thing as “day of coordination”.

Even if a wedding planner offers a “day of” package, you are still working with them months in advance to prep the timeline, confirm the plans with vendors, etc. While it’s convenient to hire them for only a short amount of time, there are way more advantages having them work with you from start to finish.

What’s one thing out of these 10 things vendors want clients to know, that surprised you?!

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