Wedding hashtags are one of the best inventions. But seriously… thank goodness for technology! By utilizing wedding hashtags, you’re able to look back at all the photos your guests have taken throughout your day and see your celebration from many different perspectives! If you’re struggling to come up with a good one, these tips may help!

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

Before you get caught up in trying to get witty, remember your hashtag can be simple! In fact, so many people go this route. But we understand the want to be creative which is why we’re sharing some tips on that too!

Use Your Names

Start by utilizing your names. Play around with options including your first names with some wedding terminology or maybe see if there’s a great pun that can work with your last name!

Add Your Wedding Date

Afraid someone else may have a similar hashtag just by using your names? Add in some meaningful numbers such as your wedding date!

Have a Pun Time

If you’re able to add in a pun, inside joke, or anything clever do it! Guests love a good punny hashtag! If your names make it too hard to think of something witty, you can always try rhyming or just jinx the creative idea altogether and stick to the first two tips!

Spell It Out

Make sure you let guests know what your hashtag is! A great way to do this is to incorporate your hashtag on your wedding website. Also, by having a fun, modern sign displayed at your ceremony or reception is a sure way to get guests posting with your trendy tag. However, make sure when you’re telling everyone what it is that you spell it out and spell it correctly! A great way to eliminate confusion is by capitalizing the beginning of each word. (For example: SaraAndChrisGetHitched)

Unless you’re having a completely unplugged wedding, we say have a wedding hashtag! Key points to remember is that this is supposed to be fun, so don’t let it stress you out! Everyone’s going to love it!

Let’s hear from you! What are you wedding hashtags? Share them with us on Instagram!

Wedding hashtag tips and tricks featured on Alexa Kay Events Blog
Wedding hashtag tips and tricks featured on Alexa Kay Events Blog

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