Although you’re more than likely communicating details about your day through perfectly designed invitations, wedding websites are a great way to add even more information. So before you crowd all the details into your invitation suites, keep reading to see some tips on what to include into your wedding websites.

Platforms to design your site

Before we dive into what to include, let’s talk about where you can build your site. There are various options, but sites like The Knot, Zola, and Wedding Wire are the most common!

What to Include

Share your story

Your family and friends obviously know you individuals and as a couple, but share a little story about how you met and where your love began! You can also include your proposal story or any fun memory that got you to where you are today. Also, don’t forget to include photos of the two of you!

Tell of the Details

Consider this your virtual invitation and include the all the details of your day or potentially even the wedding weekend including where, when, and the time. This will not allow direct guests where to go, but help eliminate confusion. Furthermore, this is also a great way to share a link for accommodations if you’re having a hotel block so guests can book. This part of your website is super important (especially now!) and is a much easier way to update information to you guests if need be.

Meet the Wedding Party

Share your love for your besties, including fun photos and a little snippet of why these people mean the most to you! These fun details just add to the excitement of your day!

Share the Registry

Linking where you’re registered allows your guests easy access to your registry. This way incase they misplace the invitation to your wedding or even bridal shower they know exactly where to go to find this information.


If you know where you’re heading post-nuptials, feel free to include that information too! It’s part of your story after all and guests often love knowing what’s happening next.

Other things to consider…

Travel information for out of town guests with things to do

Details of any activities you’re holding pre or post wedding such as info for the brunch the day after the wedding

The attire for your wedding day

A wedding countdown — guests are just as excited to see this as you are!

What other information are you including onto your wedding websites?!

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