Married or not, it’s so true that you should never stop dating. In the current condition with these unprecedented times, it may seem like a challenge to set aside time for you and your hubby, but we are here to inspire! Here are some stay at home date night ideas to shake up your usual weekend plans!

Game Night

Board games, card games, dominos, virtual games – the possibilities are endless! Challenging each other in a friendly game night is a great way to pass the time and enjoy each others company.

Night at the Movies

Find a movie you both haven’t seen or even put on a favorite that you both love and enjoy a nice night cozied up on the couch as if you were at the movies or the drive-in. Don’t forget to complete the set up with some tasty popcorn!

Fancy Dinner

Team up and make a meal you’ve never made before. One can cook the dinner the other can make dessert. Then throw on a cute outfit and pretend as if you’re at a fancy restaurant!

Takeout by Candlelight

If you’re not in the mood to cook, takeout is always an option. However if you routinely order in, change things up from your usually routine and light a candle or have your favorite bottle of wine on hand to enjoy!

Bake day

Cookies, cakes, banana bread — whatever your pastry craving heart desires, enjoy some time distraction free baking something yummy!

Build a Puzzle

This can potentially take longer than one “date night,” but it’s a nice way to bond when you have a common goal to work towards.

Have a Picnic

Grab a cozy blanket, prep a charcuterie board or scrumptious snacks and head into your backyard for a little picnic. Just by doing something as simple as changing up the atmosphere makes it even more enjoyable!

Go wine tasting/ Get creative with cocktails

Sip and celebrate the night away! Who says you can’t have a date with a fancy drink in hand? Mock up a wine tasting or find a new cocktail recipe that you’ve been wanting to try!

Coffee Date

Bring the coffee shop atmosphere to you! Enjoy a fresh cup of joe, a favorite latte, or even try the ever-trending whipped coffee with your significant other while you play some coffeehouse music in the background. If you’re both book lovers you could also use this time to simply sit together and read.

Plan your dream travel plans

Where do you want to go together? What’s on the top of your list to see? Whether near or far, it’s such a great time to jot down your dream travel plans. Just like business plans, writing things down makes it that much more real and before you know it you’ll both be jet-setting and enjoying a date in the city of love!

What other stay at home date night ideas would you add? Share them with us on Instagram!

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