Regardless of what type of wedding ceremony you’re having, you’re going to need to hire a wedding officiant. This can look different depending on what route you’re heading towards, but there are a few key things to know before you choose!

Basic Information

From elopements to a full-scale wedding experience, officiants play a vital role. It’s common for couples that are doing a church ceremony to already have their officiant, making the process a little bit easier. However, if you don’t have someone in mind, it’s important to do your research and find someone through a credible source. Once something has sparked your interest, it’s important to connect with them and make sure you jive. There would be nothing worse than having someone carry-out your ceremony in a way that you would regret.

The Process

  1. Consider your ceremony style and what you’re looking for in an officiant.
  2. Research and/or get recommendations from friends and family members who have gotten married to help find your match.
  3. Connect with those who you feel would be a good fit.
  4. Sign your contract and send in your deposit.


As I mentioned previously, this can also vary depending on the type of ceremony, but suggest hiring about 6-12 months from your wedding date.

Tips + Tricks

Choosing an officiant is just like working with any other wedding vendor. Having a good relationship and trusting them is key!

Run through the process with how they’ve done ceremonies in the past. This will give you some good insight if it’s what you’re looking for.

Questions + Things to Consider

How long have they been an officiant?

Ask how long their typical ceremonies are. This will be important information to include in your wedding timeline.

How much of the ceremony is customizable?

Do they attend the wedding rehearsal? If not, how do they typically go about this?

Who takes their place in case of an emergency?

The marriage license!! Make sure they are able to and that they will file your marriage license for you.

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