Unless you’re holding everything for your wedding day at one place, then you’re more than likely going to need some type of wedding transportation. Whether it be shuttling people from the hotel to the venue, getting people from the ceremony to the reception, or maybe you’re just looking to incorporate a cool ride for you and your new hubby; these details matter when knowing what you need to book.

Basic Information

Booking your wedding transportation involves more logistics than anything. It also varies greatly from wedding to wedding depending on location, number of people, transportation style, etc. I suggest going through the day and see how you plan on getting yourself from point a to point b then do the same for parents, wedding party members, and guests! This is a good foundation to start the searching process.

Keep in mind, wedding transportation is absolutely not necessary for your guests, but definitely appreciated; especially with those traveling further. This is always a great option if you have a lot of out of town guests staying at a hotel to get them to and from the events of the day.

The Process

When deciding on your wedding transportation, you’ll need to think about:

Who will be utilize the transportation: Wedding party, guests, bride and groom, etc.
Where will they be coming from and going to: Hotel? Ceremony? Venue?
How long will you need services throughout the day?
What type of transportation makes sense? Limo? Party Bus? A fancy vintage Car?

Booking is much easier once you have your locations for your reception, ceremony, and hotel chosen and timing of the events of the day.


If you know early on, feel free to book! However, it’s suggested to book anywhere between four to six months before your wedding.

Tips and Tricks

Although the bride and groom ride separately to the ceremony, save money and have the limo pick up the groom (and groomsmen) first then come back to you (and your bridal party). (**If timing and location makes sense.)

Transportation for wedding guests isn’t a must.

Don’t be afraid to look around and get multiple quotes before making a decision.

Don’t overcrowd the limo/bus. If the transportation service says their party bus can fit 15 people — consider if that’s 15 people comfortably! Take into account the attire (especially your wedding dress) and that some people may take up a little more space. Also, you may also want your photographer and videographer on there to capture the fun!

Some wedding venues have their own in-house service. Be sure to ask them and see what they offer.

Things to Consider

Parking at the venue – limited parking may mean you may want to transport more guests.

Distance Between ceremony, reception, and hotel – more miles often means more money, but this also plays a role in the timing of the day!

Confirm fees – there will more than likely be an overtime fee if you go over the allotted time.

Communicate pickup and drop off times to everyone utilizing the transportation so nobody is confused

You could possibly need to book a couple different transportation options. For example: you want a horse and carriage exit, but need a party bus to get there. You more than likely will have to book these through two different companies.

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