Before you tie the knot, you’ll more than likely be investing into engagement rings and wedding rings. It can be confusing to know if you’re getting a quality ring at a quality cost without knowing anything about it. That’s why I’m sharing what you need to know before purchasing the bling.

Basic Information

If you haven’t already heard, when choosing your engagement ring the four C’s are going to be your best friend. The four C’s stand for color, clarity, cut, and carat. All of these things come together and thus make many options for your choosing.

Often times brides may know what cut and carat size they’d prefer, however color and clarity may be a bit more tricky. For color – diamonds range from colorless to a yellow tint. Colorless are often more expensive, while the more you get a yellow tint are often cheaper.

As for clarity, this can range from flawless to having some inclusions (aka imperfections within the diamond).

Depending on the band, this may not necessarily apply as much when shopping for your wedding rings, but always good to know!


Once you know what type of ring you’re looking for (for either your engagement or wedding band), shop around and get some estimates before making the big purchase. You’ll more than likely have to put a percentage down then pay the remainder before taking the ring(s) home with you.


Obviously there’s no timeline for an engagement ring, however for your wedding ring, it’s suggested to do it anywhere from 4-6 months out. However, talk to your jeweler to see what they recommend. It also never hurts looking and “window shopping” for wedding bands earlier before committing to the purchase.

Tips + Tricks

Know your 4 C’s ahead of time.

Knowing sizing can save time and money on getting the ring taken in later. However if you’re unsure go a bit bigger — it’s easier to have the ring taken in.

Ask for a certificate that states it’s a certified diamond.

If you’re trying to stay within a budget, clarity is the part where you may be able to save because the inclusions aren’t always visible to the naked eye.

Questions + Things to Consider

Consider the style of your engagement ring to know what type of wedding ring you’d pair with it.

You and your hubby’s wedding rings don’t have to match or be made of the same metal. If you prefer white gold and your husband prefers gold, that’s perfectly okay!

Get your rings insured! It may seem minor, but we highly suggest it. That way if it gets lost, damaged, or otherwise, you’re covered.

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