Before you can say “I do” and have it be legal, getting your marriage license is a MUST! While not the funnest thing to do on your wedding planning list, you can’t get hitched without it. Here are some quick tips about how the process works in Texas.

Tips for Getting Your Marriage License

You can apply in a different county than the one you’re getting married in, but the completed license has to be returned to that same county after the wedding.

Once you apply, there is a waiting period of 72-hours before you can get married and have it be legal.

Apply a month or so before your wedding. (Your license will expire 90 days after it’s issued.)

There will be fees that are due the time of the application submission, but this varies depending on the county.

To make it legal, you must have an authorized person perform your ceremony. They are the ones that will be filling out the rest of the license to submit for legality.

For more detailed information on this topic, click HERE!

For some this may seem like common knowledge, but I have had couples not realize that this is essential to the planning process. Which is why I wanted to give these fast facts!

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