Fun fact, your wedding dress is only as good as your wedding alterations. Yes, you read that right! You can buy the most expensive dress in the world, however if you don’t get it altered correctly then it simply won’t look good. Your wedding dress is the more than likely the most expensive dress you’ll ever buy. You deserve to look and feel good in it and the best way to do that is through proper fitting. With some help of Rylee of Altered for the Altar, we’re sharing everything you need to know about your wedding alterations!

Basic Information

A lot of times, the dress boutique where you purchase your gown from will also offer to provide alteration services. However, 99% of the time you are not obligated to use them. If you have someone you’re used to that you know would do a great job, then you have options to choose from. If you need recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask the boutique, friends, and former brides. It’s also important to make sure your tailor is experience in bridal! There are a lot of great seamstresses out there, however if they aren’t familiar with altering wedding gowns, I suggest not being the guinea pig.

Everything you need to know about your wedding alterations featured on Alexa Kay Events!


The process for choosing who to do your alterations first starts with does the dress boutique have an in-house team? If they do, do you want to use that team or do you prefer to use someone else? If you’re going to someone you’ve never met before, reading reviews is a great idea. You’ll more than likely have to go for multiple fittings so you want to make sure you’re choosing a place that you feel comfortable with. From there, you’ll start the “transformation!”

From Rylee of Altered for the Altar: We hope that during our process you EXPERIENCE the very best bridal treatment. From start to finish we have worked hard to make sure that this process is easy and painless. Professionalism and top notch alterations were not enough for us, we want you to ENJOY the process too!

Everything you need to know about your wedding alterations featured on Alexa Kay Events!


We get it – you don’t want to get your dress altered too early, but you’re not exactly sure when you should go so it’s done on time. Rylee’s insight on their timeline is super helpful, but always be sure to check with your seamstress!

From Rylee of Altered for the Altar: The general process is usually 6-8 weeks. This includes on average 3 appointments during that time. Now that being said, we are notorious for being able to work in tight timelines and fulfill rush orders.

Everything you need to know about your wedding alterations featured on Alexa Kay Events!

Tips + Tricks

Bring your wedding shoes with you! This will ensure your gown hits exactly where it should.

Wear whatever undergarments you’re going to wear the day of. It may seem like something so small, but will make a big difference!

Add alterations into your wedding budget. Some brides prefer to lump this all into one category with their dress, however be cautious if you’re sticking to a strict budget.

Have a friend or family member go with you to your appointments. It’s always good to get an extra set of eyes!

Questions + Things to Consider

Quality over quantity. While you want to pay attention of pricing for your budget, just like anything don’t just go off of price alone. Make sure they focus on bridal alterations, read reviews, and you’re not confident after meeting with them the first time, it’s okay to say so.

When buying your wedding dress, don’t be afraid to ask questions such as “how would you bustle this train” or “can this skirt can be hemmed with all the hand beaded detailing?” These allow you to see the possibilities ahead of time before you meet your seamstress.

Also, make sure you’re getting your dress to be slightly bigger than you’d like. It’s better to have to take it in than have it be too small.

A lot of times a seamstress can’t provide a quote until they’ve seen your dress. They can give you an estimate, however it’s best to meet with them in person with your gown.

Fit is everything when it comes to your wedding dress! Make sure you’re investing in someone you’re going to achieve that and make you feel glamorous!

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