Creating a fun environment for your guests at your wedding reception is all in a days work for your wedding DJ. However, they hold a bit more responsibility than just pressing some buttons and playing the jams that you love. With the help of Danny Bolin and Jeremiah Brinkley from It’s Your Night Entertainment, we’re sharing what you should know before choosing your wedding DJ!

Basic Information

When hiring your wedding DJ, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and that you get to know their personality. They are not only your entertainment for the evening, but also consider them your “MC.” They’ll be making announcement to guests and ensuring the day runs smoothly.

The Process

From DJ Danny Bolin: When you contact our company, our administrative assistant asks questions about your needs and preferences and suggests which DJs may be a good fit for you. When I receive that email, I contact you and set up a time to meet with you in person. After that meeting, if you wish to book, we set up a contract and it’s on my calendar!

We will continue to email as needed and set up another face-to-face meeting to go over specifics. About a month out from your wedding day we’ll get all the details down on paper. We will create a timeline, discuss styles, equipment, etc. and make sure we are on the same page about everything you need and want. On your wedding day, I set up my equipment with plenty of time to spare and work hard to ensure a seamless reception for you and your guests to enjoy and remember for a lifetime!

The Timeline

It’s recommended to book no later than 9 months out from your wedding day.

Tips + Tricks

From DJ Jeremiah Brinkley: MEET YOUR DJ PEOPLE! You need to make sure that you guys mesh well together! Everyone is different, so my answer really is to meet DJs until you find the one that you know for sure is right for you! (It’s kind of like dating y’all LOL.)

If you want a HUGE party and want everyone (including yourself) to have the night of your life, budget more for your DJ. A DJ can make or break a party so if having a party is important to you, make sure you budget more money to find a good one! 

From DJ Danny Bolin: Any kind of information you can give about your preferences helps a DJ to know your personalities and be able to cater everything to you. We all have artists/bands we don’t like and you never want a song played that gives you a negative feeling or thought.

You may have a song that reminds you of a past boyfriend/girlfriend that you don’t want played. Or you may have specific preferences about language/vulgarity. Those things are very important for your DJ to be aware of so you can enjoy the night without being anxious about what may be played. I also ask if there are any “must play” songs. Just as certain songs may bring negative feelings, some may bring great ones that could add to the energy and memory of the night.

Questions + Things to Consider

From DJ Jeremiah Brinkley: The number one question you need to ask your DJ is what their DJ style is and how they react to people not dancing. That can tell you right there if they are the person for you! 

Personality and communication is key!

How long have you been a DJ?

Are you insured?

Ask for samples of their work.

Consider creating a do not play list of music.

Do you take requests throughout the night?

What do your services include? (uplighting, photo booths, etc. or can these be add-ons?)

The great thing about It’s Your Night Entertainment is that they help match you with someone who they think will be a great fit! If you’re looking for a great DJ, I highly recommend both Danny and Jeremiah!

Need more help in making decisions in choosing your wedding DJ or any other wedding vendors? Contact me! Also be sure to follow along with Alexa Kay Events on Instagram!

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