What started as a fun hobby for Brittany and her mother-in-law turned into a business creating wedding cakes galore! Butterfly Cakery is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with your wedding cake needs, all while staying on trend with designs and leaving your taste buds wanting more! Learn more about their business in the interview below!

Tell us a bit about your background/career path.

I started BC 6.5 years ago as a fun hobby to do with my mother-in-law. It was for her and I to do something together – for ourselves – and for the love of being creative and baking! Through my career of sales in the wedding / event planning industry and the realization of how I can really do this, I decided to start a business. Thus, BC was born. It has grown into a business that has made sense for me. I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Can you provide an overview of what to expect during this process and timeline? 

With us, booking your wedding cake is pretty easy. We understand how to pull the vision of our couples, even when it is impossible to communicate with words, we streamline the process so it’s easy to book, and provide a workspace to refer to for their own reference and for vendor sharing. 

What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give a bride in her selection process? 

Be open about the process. A good vendor will educate and guide you on what to expect and provide transparency so you understand the process rather than just going with it because you feel like you have to. Additionally, trust the artist you choose. Be specific on what you want and make sure it is already in line with the caliber of work available to view in their portfolio. If you feel like you’re in the best hands, trust them. It’s the best thing you can do for your own wedding. Lastly, never feel like you can’t stress your concerns to your vendor, and in writing. We usually have an answer and would rather know than not know. 

What do you love about working with brides to create their wedding cake/desserts?

We are creators. We thrive off of meeting the needs of our couples through edible art. It is so humbling for us to get to know our couples, pull their vision, and taylor a cake specific to their vision from scratch. 

What elements can you incorporate that brides usually don’t know or don’t think of?

There are a number of elements that are either trending or simply resourceful to find that perfect look for their cake. For example, some visions warrant a taller, more modern feel. Instead of stacking on more cake tiers on top to make a taller cake, we often suggest a double barrel. It creates an architecturally different appeal than the more traditional, and allows for a taller cake without producing more cake than necessary. 

Another is the amount of cake. One aspect of cake planning we really try to emphasize is the amount ordered. Today’s wedding receptions are made up of many organic variables that make cake service sometimes hard to make sure everyone gets a slice. Additionally, some don’t eat cake at all. During our consult, we highlight what priorities look like for each couple regarding this part, help them create the right serving numbers that coincide with their vision. 

Do you recommend keeping the top tier or no? Why?

The top tier is an old, die hard, southern tradition! I don’t see this going away, similarly to the groom’s cake. However, most couples these days rely less on their parents or don’t live locally. Also, it’s just one more logistic at the very end of a built up evening that the planner or family had to worry about – and candidly, it’s usually unsuccessful. So, we offer a complimentary top tier. This is made for the coupe when ordered by them, and can be ordered at any time following the big day; for nostalgic reasons or to actually celebrate. They can still save the top if they’d prefer :). 

Great advice, great cakes, great customer service! What more could you ask more?! Find more information on Butterfly Cakery, here!

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