One of the best parts of the wedding planning process is the wedding cake tasting. I mean who doesn’t love to try delicious desserts?! Although some couples opt against a wedding cake, there is still bound to be some sweet treat – cookies, donuts, pies, etc.! Choosing your bakery for not only your perfect design, but for a scrumptious taste is important. With the help of Shelby of Bella Noel Bakery, we’re sharing some things you to help you choose the right vendor for you!

Basic Information

Typically most couples have their wedding venue and larger details already planned before booking their wedding cake designer and/or bakery. If you don’t, we highly suggest that you do. Here’s why! Some venues may require you to use certain vendors and/or their in-house services. It’s important to have these details ironed out before-hand so you don’t sign a contract and get caught in an awkward situation.

Once you’re ready to being the search for your perfect vendor, we suggest having some designs in mind. By having this in mind, you’re able to see which portfolio’s of those you’re considering aline with your vision the best. Of course you also always want to consider your budget as well so don’t be afraid to call to get some estimated quotes. Most of the times this was also depend on the design elements as well, which is another great reason to have pictures handy!

The Process

We got expert cake designer, Shelby of Bella Noel Bakery to share her expertise with us and how the process works!

Shelby of Bella Noel Bakery: “Typically brides book their wedding cake about 6-9 months in advance. Once they book, we get an idea of the style cake they are wanting. It’s always helpful to bring photos! Next, comes the fun part – flavor options! The couple and I (and sometimes their planner) sit down and get to try out some yummy flavor combinations and find the perfect flavor for their special day! 

The Timeline

As Shelby mentioned above, it is very common for brides to book their cake designers, bakery, etc. six to nine months in advance, which is what we suggest. If you know who you’d like and they’re booking for your timeframe, then give yourself a pat on the back and consider yourself ahead of schedule!

Tip + Tricks

Definitely do a tasting. 

You can ask for a sketch if you are worried about design.

It’s possible to have different flavors for each tier.

Questions + Things to Consider

Think about your venue and where the cake will be displayed. All the little details can make such a big difference!

Make sure you have an estimate of how many guests will be attending to help decide how much you’ll need.

Ask your cake designer/bakery if they provide the necessary stands to display the desserts or if they can/should be rented elsewhere.

Will they place the flowers on the cake or will the florist?

Are there any vegan, gluten-free, options?

Designing your wedding cake and/or choosing your wedding desserts is such a fun part of planning! Special thanks to Shelby for sharing your knowledge with us. We hope this advice helped you in choosing your bakery!

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