Their love story!

How did you meet?

Kim + Brad met each other through one of Kim’s good friends, who also happens to be Brad’s cousin. He introduced the two of them at a bar in Fort Worth. They instantly hit it off and quickly realized that they were a great team together!

How did he propose? 

Kim + Brad like to explore different towns in Colorado with their English Bulldog, Carlos. One weekend, the three of them loaded up the car to head down to Fort Collins. Brad booked a beautiful room at the Elizabeth hotel. They checked in on a Friday evening and had dinner plans like they typically do. As Kim was getting ready for dinner, Brad and Carlos got ready for the proposal. Brad put a cute little sign around Carlos’s neck that said: “Mommy, Will you marry Daddy?”. Carlos and Brad were ready to execute their plan! Carlos was sitting with the sign around his neck and Brad kneeling when Kim came out of the bathroom. She quickly exclaimed, “Yes!” (Actually, she grabbed the ring and screamed before even saying yes lol)

Photos By: Jesica Clay Photography

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