Fallon + Alex are two of the most down to earth people I know! It has been a blast getting to know them and helping plan their wedding! They met on one of the fun apps everyone is on these days. Just a couple of bees looking for their honey 😉 On their first date, Alex told Fallon the one thing he missed about Wisconsin, where he grew up, was the french silk pies. Fallon adored this because that is her favorite dessert. She gets them flown in from Florida for all sorts of special occasions! This is one of the many special elements they are adding to their wedding! A pie bar!

What Fallon + Alex wont tell you is how incredibly successful they are. They are both business owners and doing their own thing but that does not stop them from encouraging and helping each other out every day! I cannot wait to see where life takes you both!

I can’t wait to celebrate with you both today! Keep doing what you are doing because ITS WORKING!

Photos by Sami Kathryn (she definitely killed it)

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