Tell me about your love story!

We met when we were in high school. I was a freshman and he was a senior and we went to different schools. I played softball, he played baseball and we hit at the same facility (called TPA)  after school. Literally in the cages right next to each other. But get this…. I COULD NOT stand Hunter Lockwood. Absolutely could not stand the kid. All he did was run his mouth because he thought he was the hottest thing to walk the planet because he was signed to go play baseball at Oklahoma..

Fast forward 5 years to fall of 2016.

I came back home from college after hanging up my cleats following a shoulder injury and he just got released from the Tampa Bay Rays organization. He was working up at TPA (little did I know) and I went up there one day to see my old hitting coach, Shane, and potentially start working there. Sure enough, as I am sitting in the office talking with Shane, Hunter Lockwood busts in and plops his happy, arrogant self down in a chair and starts listening to (and interrupting) my conversation. I ended up working the front desk at TPA going forward.

Now at the time, I had a boyfriend that wasn’t working out. I would gripe and complain about my problems to my coworkers and, of course, Hunter would be right there in the middle of it gradually working his way into my life. We ended up becoming pretty good friends. The more miserable I became in my relationship, the better friends Hunter and I became.

One day, a dozen red roses showed up for me at TPA and the card read, “I hope your day is as amazing as you are.” There was no name on the card, but I knew they were from Hunter. So many people asked him and he constantly denied. To this day, he still tries to deny it but he’s such a bad liar! My old boyfriend and I broke up around Thanksgiving that year and I played extremely hard to get. Hunter and I didn’t actually go on a date until January 2017(his friend Jacob’s wedding). From then on, we were inseparable. We never made it a “thing” officially, we just hardly ever spent a day a part.

Fast forward to July 2018

The proposal. We were in Florida for a baseball tournament, but Hunter planned a mini-vacation out of it for me before I had to go back to work and he had to head to another tournament in Georgia. We spent a few days on Clearwater beach and it was so amazing! So July 4th, we made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant on the beach. Funny enough, we ended up eating dinner next to Hulk Hogan (so cool!).

After dinner, we went down to the beach to go watch fireworks. We went down a little early so we could get good seats and then take a walk and watch the sunset. That’s when I knew something was up. Hunter was acting SO strange and we kept walking in circles. Until he stopped and faced me, awkwardly. He started rambling about literally the most random things and then proceeded to tell me how much he loved me. He suddenly dropped on a knee (in front of a PACKED beach) and I immediately lost my hearing. I was watching his lips move but couldn’t hear a single thing he was saying to me!

I know I was flushed because I hate causing a scene, and at this point there was a crowd of random strangers around us. As I looked back at Hunter and his lips had stopped moving and he was just staring at me, so I was assuming he was waiting for my answer. I clearly said yes, and we proceeded to take proposal/engagement pictures with this photographer that emerged from the crowd (that Hunter hired THE DAY BEFORE). Since I lost my hearing in that moment, I later asked Hunter what all he said to me and he couldn’t remember. From there, the rest is history!

How did you come up with your wedding theme or color scheme?

 I just really love burgundy and blush together and think they make for a great fall wedding.

Any wedding planning tips for future couples?

BOOK A PLANNER (Alexa). Seriously. I didn’t think we would need one but I’m already so relieved to have her helping out!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Sandals Resort, Regency La Toc in Castries, St. Lucia

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