Tell me about your love story!

Patrick and I met in the fall of 2011 in front of a bar called Dive Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. It was definitely not love at first sight or first impression because he was a little intoxicated when he asked for my phone number.  I hesitantly gave him my phone number but the next day due to personal reasons change my phone number. About a month had pass when I remembered I gave this guy my old number so I decided to hunt him down on social media. We began to chat back and forth and he decided to ask me out on a first date at a local restaurant known as Nuevo Laredo.

About 3 months after our first date, at our friends bar Tin Roof, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. A few weeks after that, he loved me in that very same bar. We were VERY opposite but it just worked for us. He was an Atlanta Police Officer who moved from buffalo NY and I was a military brat trying to find her way in the world. Lucky for me I found my way and it was to the most amazing man in the world. We have been inseparable from that first date and now we are getting married 8 years later.

I knew Patrick was the one because he always was so understanding and pushed me to do things I never thought I could do. We are the literal yin and yang of one another and we push each other to do things we never thought we could.

How did he propose?

Patrick has always been a little rough around the edges and I wouldn’t call him a romantic but he does have his moments. On August 2, 2018, we landed on the beautiful island of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, were we were going to spend the next 5 days. As soon as we checked into our amazing hotel room we decided not to waste any time and hit the beach.

When we got to our chairs, Patrick asked me to grab his sunscreen out of the bag. As I was shuffling through the bag I see this large white thing in the way. I grab it to see what it is and when I pull it out and unfold it, it is a beautiful white sun hat and on the brim it said Future Mrs. Meegan. When I turned around and asked what this was, Patrick was down on one knee and he said “ will you marry me?”. Totally embarrassed because everyone was staring, I, of course, said yes and gave him a huge hug and kiss. The next couple of days on vacation we just talked about how we were finally getting married and how excited all our friends and family were going to be.

What are a few things you love about each other?

We love to laugh with one another and we are one odd and goofy couple. I love Patrick’s drive and tenacity to accomplish any goals or anything that is in his way. We love learning new ways to fall deeper in love everyday.

Where was your first kiss?

Our first kiss was at my apartment in West Midtown Atlanta.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Travel. The world has so many amazing places to see and what’s better than being able to see a;; these amazing places then with your best friend and future hubby.

How did you come up with your wedding theme or color scheme?

Me and Patrick are pretty bold people so we knew we had to go with dark bold and rich colors. I am not very girly when it comes to certain things so this whole experience has been fun and interesting.

Tell me about any special tradition or sentimental things you’re adding to the wedding.

We are going to have a memorial table for the family and friends that we have lost that would have made our special day even more amazing.

Any wedding planning tips for future couples?

Don’t stress and if one thing doesn’t work out like a vendor, there are so many other amazing options. Also don’t let the planning pass you by enjoy every moment of it because the time does fly.

What was one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning?

The budge. All I can say is “What budget”. It literally went way to fast.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We are already avide travelers but if we decide to go on one after the wedding it would be the Seychelles.

Patrick or Jennifer??

Who makes the better breakfast? Every Morning we cook breakfast together to so it’s a tie.

Who has the better shower singing voice? Definitely me but Patrick def has the dance moves

Who’s more likely to make the bedroom floor their personal laundry basket? Patrick

Who is the pickier eater? Patrick

Who’s more likely to fill the house with gear from their favorite college sports team? Patrick

Who’s more likely to leave dishes in the sink? Patrick

Who’s afraid of heights? Neither of us

Who’s a night owl? Both of us but age is definitely starting to catch up

Who’s more likely to burn the house down when they’re cooking dinner? Patrick

Who’s more of a dog person? We both are an avid lover of dogs and any other animal

Who’s more likely to fall asleep in front of the TV? Jennifer

Who do you trust more behind the wheel? Patrick

Who’s more of a daredevil? Jennifer

Who’s more stubborn? Jennifer

Who takes up more than their half of the bed? Jennifer

Who takes the longest showers? Patrick

Who made the first move? Jennifer

Who would be the first to lose their keys? Jennifer

Who’s the most likely to cry at a movie? Jennifer

Who eats the most junk food? Equal amounts in our home

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Photo: Madeline Shea Photography

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