Looking for a stress-free way to obtain your grooms and groomsmen attire? Look no further than Generation Tux! Stylish and modern, they are redefining the way you can purchase or rent wedding suits and tuxedos by . Greg of Generation Tux is sharing more about the company with us below. Keep reading to find out more!

Get to know Generation Tux | Grooms Attire featured on Alexa Kay Events!

Tell us a bit about your background/career path. 

Greg: I spent 20 yrs as a Store Manager for Men’s Wearhouse Clothing Company.  They were and are the largest clothing company in the country. The founder and owner was George Zimmer . He left them in 2014 and founded this company. I left and came aboard to help build this company from scratch. 4 years later we are growing rapidly and are the largest online tux rental company! Currently my title is Director of Customer Experience.

Can you provide an overview of what to expect during the selection process?

Greg: The selection process in selecting a tux can be very complicated.  There will be numerous colors to choose from. Black , gray, blue, tan or white. Several styles to choose from, peak lapel, shawl lapel, notch lapel. How many buttons do I choose? Single button, two button, three button, double breasted. What cut will fit me best? Slim, modern, traditional. Will they be renting or buying? All this and more will come into play in their selection process.

Get to know Generation Tux | Grooms Attire featured on Alexa Kay Events!

What is the timeline for this process?

Greg: Men are famous for procrastinating. I would suggest starting 6 months in advance at least. This will give you time to do your proper research for renting a tux. Research online, check reviews , order swatches, test out the product, know what color the dresses are for matching, decide how many groomsmen you will be having and are there price constraints for the wedding party.  

Get to know Generation Tux | Grooms Attire featured on Alexa Kay Events!

What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give a groom in his selection process?  

Greg: Have a vision for what you want yourself and your guys to look like on your big day! Are you going for Black tie formal? Sporty? Modern? Trendy? Rustic? Western? Having a vision of you want will help the guy dressing your party put you in the best outfit to suit your occasion.

What are a few tips/tricks that are overlooked?

Greg: Big guys should not wear slim. Don’t wear black shoe with blue suits. Belt and shoe colors always match. Pleats cause fullness in pants, no pleats mean trimmer in pants. You will have limited range of movement in a proper fitting coat, this does not mean the coat is too small. Never button the bottom button on a Jacket. 

Any advice you can give to help get a better understanding?

Greg: My advice to better understand the suit/tux process is simple. Know what you are getting. Ultimately and why we are the top rental company online is that we offer a free home try on for our grooms. We want them to test drive our product and services months in advance of the wedding. This will truly give them the ultimate confidence with their rental style, fit, color and with our processes.

Get to know Generation Tux | Grooms Attire featured on Alexa Kay Events!

Having the option to get your tuxedo or suit online?! What a dream! Grooms, you really can’t go wrong with Generation Tux. With them, you’ll be able to suit up AND feel confident. For more information, visit their website and follow them on Instagram!

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