From the dress to the accessories, to the hair and makeup, we all envision our appearance for that special day. After all, every bride deserves to look and feel her best! With a desire to make women feel their best, the ladies of Brite Bar Beauty will make your hair and makeup dreams come true! I’m excited to have Marci, owner of Brite Bar Beauty, share more insight of her beauty business in the interview below!

Tell us a bit about your background/career path.  

Customer satisfaction through beauty is my passion and my joy. My motto: Create, Connect, and Inspire. I worked behind the chair for many years back in Lubbock, Texas, and seeing my clients transform through my work was – and still is – my ultimate happiness! Customers would leave feeling and looking better, walking out of the salon with their head held high – connected to their inner confidence through their outer appearance.

And that is what Brite Bar brings to every customer, but the difference is we travel to them!  I took cosmetology in high school so that when I graduated from high school, I was a licensed professional. I then went on to graduate Cum Laude with a BA in History from Texas Tech University.

Can you provide an overview of what to expect during the selection process?

Beauty services for a bride is a fairly simple process. The first step is chat with us about the bridal beauty vision. What is the bride’s ideal look for her wedding day? Once we know what they desire and a little more about their aesthetic, we typically schedule the bridal trial appointment. We highly recommend doing a trial so that any adjustments can be made before the wedding day. It also helps for the artists to have the time before to get really get to know the bride, her hair, and her skin and look.

We recommend scheduling the trial the same day as the bridal portraits. Bridesmaids and the bridal party are important too. It’s best to have everyone’s hair and makeup done professionally so that the wedding photographs are cohesive and everyone feels and looks their best.

What is the timeline for this process?

The earlier a bride can schedule the more likely she is to secure her date. With that said, since Brite Bar Beauty is a professional company with multiple artists around DFW, we can accommodate multiple weddings on the same day. 

Do you have a team?


Are trials necessary?

No but highly encouraged.

Should the bride come prepared with anything the day of or do anything special the night before?

Skin should be clean and moisturized. Lips should be exfoliated and moisturized too (especially when wearing a matte lipstick, like our long-wearing Kissable Cocktail Liquid Lipsticks in bridal colors, Society Sip and Rum Coke.) 

Hair is best if washed the day or night before for a curated style. There are differing opinions about this. But in my experience, I personally think the stylist achieves better results when the hair has not just been shampooed. 

What are a few tips/tricks that are overlooked?

Many brides enjoy the boho or romantic waves with hair slightly pulled back. The challenge with that style is someone with fine hair might have difficulty getting those beachy waves or loose curls to stay. So we spray a thermal hold and pin and set curls or waves that are going to be worn down so they will last for hours. For our Brite Bride Bridal Bar we provide a Kissable Cocktail Liquid Lipstick. It’s our very own lipstick line that the bride can touch up with throughout the evening.

Marci is one of the best in the biz! If you’re in need of a hair or makeup artist, I highly recommend checking out Brite Bar Beauty!

These tips are SUPER helpful; not only for brides, but bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, etc. Be sure to share this post with someone who would find it helpful!

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Photos By: Sami Kathryn Photography

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