Tell me about your love story!

We met our first year at college. I was actually dating someone at the time, but we had the same freshman introduction class together. He would be the one who was late, and I would be 30 minutes early. I worked under his sister, and she would always tell him he should date me. However, we didn’t start dating until about 2 and half years later. He initiated the first date and the rest is history.

Bree: I knew it was meant to be when I could not stand to be without him.

Ky: She completed everything I ever needed and complimented me in every way.

How did he propose?

Back story.

Ky had planned a hiking trip for us one weekend in Oklahoma. At this point, I didn’t know he had scouted the area before and put a log of effort into this adventure. We were on our way, Ky in gym shorts and a t-shirt and me with 3-day hair in a hat with the full day of hiking ahead of us.


With this in mind, we arrived at the park and started hiking the first trail. It was beautiful, and that is when I suspected something might be up but didn’t want to get my hopes too high. I had been wanting him to propose for months now! As we reached the waterfall at the end of the trail, I thought to myself that this would be the perfect spot for him to propose. We were in our element, and I knew if he didn’t propose while we were at the park that I would be frustrated. Well… it didn’t happen. We climbed up and kept on hiking. We arrived at the second one and I told myself this has got to be it! Boy was I wrong.

We hike for a couple more miles across a lake and up some big rocks. We get to the top and suddenly, he gave me a huge hug me. I knew this had to be it. This was our moment.  Then, abruptly, he lets go, turns and starts hiking again. By this point I am mad. What in the world? Is this even going to happen? That was perfect! He starts to try to make conversation again, but I am very short with my answers. I was so frustrated! We hike a little while longer, and we get to a lookout point at the highest point on the rocks. I was so blinded by my frustration I didn’t see Ky’s friend ready with her camera! I turned around after checking out the view and he is on one knee with the most beautiful ring in a wooden box. It was perfect!

What are a few things you love about each other?

Bree: He is always up for an adventure. He loves the outdoors as well as sports. Ky never meets a stranger, and the list could go on and on.

Ky: I love that she is caring and will never let anyone feel left out. She is incredibly beautiful inside and out. She has such a pure heart as well as pure intentions.

Where was your first kiss?

In Bree’s backyard under the stars.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Hiking, of course!

How did you come up with your wedding theme or color scheme?

First, we love the outdoors and are pretty simple people. We didn’t want anything too elaborate, but wanted to make sure to incorporate greenery throughout. Second, I have always dreamed of getting married in a small simple white chapel. Lastly, we want to be surrounded by our closest friends and family.

Tell me about any special tradition or sentimental things you’re adding to the wedding.

We want to start our marriage with God at the forefront and have always loved the thought of our closest friends and pastors surrounding us and covering us in prayer during the ceremony.

Any wedding planning tips for future couples?

Your opinion is the most important. You will never be able to please everyone, and you don’t have to top your friends wedding. Just make it your own!

What was one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning?

As a matter of fact, finding the date was the hardest part! We tried to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but really the most important people are your family. Again… you can’t please everyone!

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

Finally, we decided on Washington State. We are planning on staying in a cozy, quaint A-frame cabin.

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