Tell me about your love story!

We found eachother on match, and met for the first time at Rodeo Goat (burger place in FW). We weren’t quite ready for the night to end, so bar hopped around West 7th for a little while and got to know each other. (I had to give him time to kiss me- Jenny)

Derek got my ring from a place in Cincinnati where my family (mom/dad, brother, and brother in law) got their rings while we were visiting.  He proposed as I was getting ready at my sink, doing hair and make-up. He wanted to make sure it was a moment just for us, it was really sweet.

What are a few things you love about each other?

Jenny about Derek

What I love most about Derek is how we can talk through any issue good or bad especially when I’m upset. I always feel so much better afterwards and we grow closer because of it. He’s a good listener and very patient with me… except when we are trying to leave the house.

Derek is really smart and funny and he challenges me to stay on my game.

Derek about Jenny

Jenny is one of the most lighthearted people I’ve ever met.  She sees the good in everyone, and is remarkably funny. She loves her family and treats pets as if they were human beings. There is not a day that goes by where she isn’t trying to grow our relationship and I am a better person for it!

Where was your first kiss?

On the street in West 7th at the end of our first date.

What is your favorite thing to do together?

Explore new areas, restaurants, breweries

How did you come up with your wedding theme or color scheme?

I really just wanted to feature the wildflowers of Texas. I wanted it to feel like you were walking through a field or a garden.

The ranch I found when my parents first came to visit and they wanted to see more of rural Texas. Then when we got engaged we found out we could get married there. I took Derek for a night and he loved it.

Tell me about any special tradition or sentimental things you’re adding to the wedding.

I’m borrowing earrings from my mom. The cards to mark the tables were painted by my aunts friends for my sisters wedding. We LOVE our nieces and nephews, 4 of them will be in our wedding.

Any wedding planning tips for future couples?

Maybe in a few weeks I can look back and give advice. It is still a bit overwhelmed. Trying to focus on the important things- 1. Getting married to my best friend. 2. Being surrounded by our family and friends. The rest are just details that someday I may not even remember or care about.

What was one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning?

I don’t even know. It was stressful to find a venue and set a date but things fell into place. It was also stressful keeping to a budget- everything is more expensive than we planned.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We are going to Maui a month after the wedding. We wanted to spread out the exciting stuff a bit, and give us some downtime before traveling.

Him or Her

Who makes the better breakfast? DS

Who has the better shower singing voice? JB

Who’s more likely to make the bedroom floor their personal laundry basket? DS

Who is the pickier eater? JB

Who’s more likely to fill the house with gear from their favorite college sports team? DS

Who’s more likely to leave dishes in the sink? DS

Who’s afraid of heights? DS

Who’s a night owl? DS

Who’s more likely to burn the house down when they’re cooking dinner? DS

Who’s more of a dog person? JB

Who’s more likely to fall asleep in front of the TV? DS

Who do you trust more behind the wheel? DS

Who’s more of a daredevil? JB

Who’s more stubborn? Both

Who takes up more than their half of the bed? DS

Who takes the longest showers? JB

Who made the first move? JB

Who would be the first to lose their keys? DS

Who’s the most likely to cry at a movie? JB

Who eats the most junk food? DS

Photos by: Kate + Co

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