As a Dallas Wedding Planner, I have the honor of working with so many incredible vendors here in Dallas. Rachel is a florist who owns Alba Dahlia, a floral studio focused on wildly romantic and organic designs. She has always had a passion for flowers, and remembers her mom planting in their garden. After her wedding, she got inspired to start a new career. After working for another company for 4 years, she opened her own studio. Her work has been featured in countless publications, including 100 Layer Cake, Junebug Weddings and Bride of North Texas.

Tell us a bit about your background/career path.

I was born and raised in Texas. I’ve played soccer since I was 4 years old, played competitively in club and onto the collegiate level and that’s basically the most I remember about my childhood. So, artsy right? As a kid I was always creative and I used to see my Mom always planting in her garden every chance she would get. I supposed that is my first real flower experience and where I found my hidden love for them. For a long time I thought I wanted to be a teacher or work in the corporate world at some desk job but I quickly realized I cannot sit still for more than 3 minutes tops so I tried to venture down a new path

I discovered my design eye after my own wedding. I didn’t do my flowers or anything, no DIYing but I honestly just remember being shocked at what the florist at my wedding created (in a good way) and the rest is history! In that moment, I decided that I was going to figure out a way to learn everything I possibly could and so I did. I trained under an amazing wedding florist for almost 4 years and I cannot say I would be here today without her guidance and design teachings. I am obsessed with my job and I can truthfully say I found my gift.

What do you love about working with brides to design their floral?

I truly love just meeting people. I think it is so fun when I meet a bride and we are syncing up on the same design level and shooting ideas back and forth. On the other end, I also love when a bride comes to me with a vision but she needs guidance on how to bring that vision to life with florals and so I can guide her in the right direction and help her SEE that vision more clearly.

What’s your advice for brides on a budget?

My advice would be to spend the money where it is most important to you.

How can a bride find a florist who is a good fit for them, & what’s the number one question brides should ask a florist before hiring them?

Truly do your research. There are A LOT of “floral designers” out there and they all have different styles. I would take a hard look at their portfolio before even having a consultation. If you’re wanting a bohemian style wedding with very organic and free flowing florals then I would not go with someone that strictly does round traditional type bouquets and centerpieces. The number one question you should ask them is where they get their flowers from (probably not what you were expecting) but if they are a legit florist they will have multiple wholesalers accounts getting high quality flowers that will last for your special day. There is nothing worse than someone getting you grocery store flowers that are hold onto dear life.

Alba Dahlia Floral Design – Dallas Florist | Alexa Kay Events, Dallas Wedding Planner

What is the biggest piece of advice you’d give a bride as she selects her florist?

My biggest piece of advice would be: Just make sure you actually like that person and you aren’t just doing a quick hire with a vendor. I would make sure that you feel comfortable with them because at the end of the day they are responsible for a large piece of your wedding day so make sure that line of communication and trust is very clear!

Apart from boutonnieres, bouquets, and centerpieces, what other floral elements should brides consider for their weddings?

Statement pieces! Whether it is a super glam head table, photo backdrop, decked out arch. I always suggest at least one showstopper. Trust me, the photo’s will last a lifetime!

What is your favorite floral piece to design and why?

I will always cherish making bridal bouquets but I think my favorite thing to design would be staircases, something about them I just love to dream up!

What is the process from reaching out to Wedding day? What can a bride expect?

We usually begin with an in person consultation to discuss all floral needs. I always suggest to bring inspiration photos —whether their from magazines or Pinterest and expect about an hour meeting where we discuss all their floral loves and ideas.

Because every event is unique, pricing is based on the elements you chose to incorporate in your designs. Within a week of your meeting we will send a detailed proposal that includes flower names, and color selections.  We source our products from Holland, Seattle, Florida and California. We suggest to read through the contract carefully and research the listed the floral to make sure they love it. If there is anything they would like to change we would be happy to do so.

30 days prior –we will be in contact to see if any final changes are needed. We will also request a copy of the timeline for our production team to make your big day a success! The day of we will arrive to the wedding in a timely manner to make sure everything is perfect.

Photos By: Nate and Grace Photography

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