Tell us about your love story!

Michael is a good friend of my cousin’s husband, so this is how we met! I moved to Dallas in 2016 to move in with my cousin, Kristin. Her then-fiancé, Aaron, had gone to SMU and had a lot of friends in the area. One night Aaron and all his friends went out to have a “last hoorah” of sorts; 2 members of their friend group were going off to law school out of state within the next couple days, so they wanted one last hangout altogether. Well, Aaron asked the guys if Kristin could join them, they said yes. Aaron then proceeded to ask if her cousin (me, Lizzie) could join as well, and the guys agreed!

Kristin and I showed up at the establishment the guys were at and that’s where I met Michael. He has admitted to forgetting my name as soon as he heard it, but even though he couldn’t remember my name, he thought I was pretty cool. I remember him and his great sense of humor. The cherry on top of that first night though was the ending. Michael bought me cheese fries at Twisted Root, and we talked and laughed while eating. I thought he wouldn’t remember me, so I proceeded to eat ALL the cheese fries. This would come back to mortify me later.

A few weeks later Aaron and Kristin set up a hangout sesh for all 4 of us. Not gonna lie, I was excited to see Michael again, but I doubted he would remember me. However, as soon as Michael saw me he said: “hey, you’re cheese fry girl, right?” I immediately died of embarrassment. Fast forward a few weeks and a couple more group hangouts and Michael finally asked me on a date! The rest is history 🙂

What do you love about each other?

Lizzie: What I love most about Michael is the way he cares; he has such a big heart and I get to see it in action every day just in the way he loves (or puts up with) me. His sense of humor, smarts, and good looks are just bonuses to this.

Michael: I love that Lizzie is such a kind and patient person who sees the best in people she meets. I know better than anyone how frustrating I can be at times, but Lizzie never fails to be a kind, compassionate, understanding, supporting, and loving partner through all my good and bad. Every time I am with her or look at her I am reminded how blessed I am to have met her and fall in love with her.

How did you come up with your wedding theme or color scheme?

Originally we were planning on navy and burgundy. Then I bought my dress and realized that burgundy didn’t really go with it. I thought a neutral color would work better, so the scheme changed to navy and mauve. When we looked at suits for the guys, Michael fell in love with a really sharp blue suit (fun fact: the color actually matches the theme color of one of our favorite tv shows Doctor Who). Now, our colors are mauve and blue 🙂

Any wedding planning tips for future couples?

Weddings are expensive but they don’t have to be SUPER expensive. Just do your research on vendors and you can find some crazy talented people off social media or other wedding sites who might be more within your budget than someone else!

What was one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning?

For me, it’s been budgeting and all the little details. I’m not a detail person though, so this is really pushing me out of my comfort zone!

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