Alexa and I met thirteen years ago, in 2005, when she transferred to Wheaton Christian Grammar School (A small Private school in the suburbs of Chicago). This also happened to be the very first year that the WCGS soccer program became co-ed, and for those of you who may not know us very well…we LOVE soccer… a little too much. (Alexa currently plays on somewhere between eight to ten teams weekly, and myself around four or five. Three of these teams, we play on together).

Back in 2005 my close friends and I took a great amount of pride in our soccer skills, which we had honed together as a group of six since the day nearly all of us could walk. But, the entirety of our immense 7th grade egos were absolutely flattened the day Alexa Sharkey became a part of our team. Before we knew it, this extremely pretty, long legged, taller than ourselves GIRL, earned herself a starting spot on OUR team. Not only did she own that spot, but as a girl nearly twice our height, she showed us what speed truly looked like. Alexa proceeded humble us, and the competition in one extremely fast swoop, scoring more goals than any of us boys her eighth grade year. As my friends and I stood wide eyed, half scared, half in awe of this girl, my red-headed, longhaired, socially awkward self, thought, “Wow…this is one impressive eighth grader, I should see if I can get her attention.” The only problem is… she’s a girl….AND an eighth grader…which at the age of 12, was an absolute NO to be seen having a normal human interaction with. So…my clever self, thought of a foolproof idea. I decided to do what any enamored 12 year old would do… I stole her phone…right out of her hand… and proceeded to run away with it, thinking to myself, Gosh I’m smart… this will for sure capture her attention and impress her.” But just as these thoughts crossed my mind, I turned my head around to realize that she was about 6 inches behind me. She then gave me a gentle shove on the back causing me to fall face first onto the ground…breaking her phone in half as I slammed into the ground (I was not a very smart middle schooler). As I stood up to hand her the two halves of what used to be her fully functioning flip phone, she burst into tears and quickly stormed off to her car as I stood absolutely horrified at what I had done, unable to move… but at least she knew who I was. Alexa still loves to tell that story to this day and believe it or not, that moment did lead to us becoming very good friends.

Alexa and I continued on to attend the same high school and College where we saw each other periodically, spoke infrequently, and played on complimentary men’s and women’s sport teams. We remained at the fingertips of each other lives, always knowing where the other was in life, but never truly regaining the ironically great friendship we had as middle schoolers. (I like to tell Alexa that she became too cool for me…which is very true). Our lives never really crossed paths for any significant length of time, until this past year, when they very abruptly collided. One Saturday morning I was working at the gym I trained at, during a time period which I never typically did, and Alexa came wandering through the doors of the gym. Knowing she lived in Texas I called out to her thinking I’d say hi…she ignored me (admittedly on purpose, not knowing what random person was calling out her name across an entire weight room), however, being the loud and stubborn individual I am, I yelled at a volume which I was sure she couldn’t ignore any further. This caught her attention, and after a good amount of catching up on the past 13 years of life, whenever Alexa came home from Dallas we would play soccer, go on a walk, run, do a workout or drag friends along with us to exercise in some way shape or form.

Ever since our divinely guided run-in, God has been extremely good to us. After losing out on a job in Austin, Texas I had worked for months to obtain and thought would be perfect for me, which also happened to be only three hours away from Alexa, God showed us just how much better His plan is for us. After my rejection, I got in contact with a great company that allowed me to interview at their home office just twenty minutes away from where Alexa currently lives, and throughout a mere three days of interviewing, I was given this dream job, permitting me not only to move to Texas, but to live just fifteen minutes from Alexa. God provided a way for us to go from living twelve hundred miles apart, to a mere five. God has given Alexa and I jobs that we both love, soccer teams for us to play on, adventures for us to explore, new and fantastic friends for us to be surrounded by, a family that loves us no matter how stubborn and difficult we are, and a future to look forward to.

Wedding Date: August 24, 2018

Photo: @raeganlintnerphotography
Planning: @alexakayevents
Venue: @gallery_1028
Catering: @Calihan_catering
Floral: @flowersfordreams
Rentals + Decor: @Studio_ag_design
Video: @Lukeengel
H+MU: @MarioTricoci
Brides Dress + Veil: @demafille_bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: @kennedyblueofficial
Bridesmaids Bracelets: #Lalaemmyland
Groom + Groomsman Suits: @thetuxgallery
Table numbers: @ladybirdpaperco
Wood Signs: @WhiteOakCalligraphy
Escort Cards: @alexalynnadams
Transportation: #absolutedreamlimo
Officiant: @therealmattrife
Brides Ring: @galediamondschicago
Grooms Ring: @embrbands
Bride: @Alexakayy15
Groom: @trevwah07

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